About PrintStick

Hello there!
This is me, Isa, the creator of PrintStick

PrintStick is where I get to share my passions, my digital creations and the organization tools I create. These are digital products to be used on mobile devices such as iPads or phones. My favorite apps to use on my iPad & iPhone are GoodNotes & Stixer. My favorite apps to create digital products on the iPad are Keynote, Procreate & Vectornator or Graphic.

I have always been creative and loved designing stuff, I even attempted to major in Graphic Design but ended up with a degree in International Business & Languages (Yes, I am supposed to be fluent in German & French) from the Parisian university La Sorbonne. I traveled a lot while I was studying, I got to experience life in: China, Canada, France, Spain & the United Arab Emirates.

When I was in school, my hobbies were always creating things such as traditional Mexican beaded jewelry, paper crafts, cool vector art (with the limited skills I had then) and I even got into Crochet at some point. I was lucky to be in a school that taught us how to make animations & films, it's thanks to this that I was able to start my YouTube channel! I also started using Apple computers since around 1995, when they were not yet very common - Now you can understand why I love this brand!

Although my university studies had nothing to do with design, I spent my free time during those years learning designing software, and rock climbing! - Movement is also a big part of my life, but more on that another time.

Right after I graduated I got a regular job, working in a field perfect for what I had studied for, and it was ok. But I did not get the chance to create as much as I wanted, I had very little time for the multiple hobbies I had, and having a set schedule every day, no matter whether there was work to be done or not, didn't set well with me. It was then that I started working on my Etsy shop, which in fact, was my husband's suggestion!

My store has obviously gone through a lot of changes and updates since it opened in the last days of 2016, and has now become so much more than just digital products. I ventured in creating classes on Skillshare, I constantly upload tutorials to my channels (in Spanish & in English), now there is a huge, beautiful PrintStick Facebook community (también en español), and there is more awesome new stuff in the horizon!!

That's my story, and the story of PrintStick. Thank you for reading this far and if you are an active member of the PrintStick community, THANK YOU! We would've never got this far without all of you guys' love and support.