New to Digital Planning?


Digital planning definitely represents a learning curve when first starting out, and understandably that is intimidating! We at PrintStick are aware of the anxiety that navigating new tools and acquiring new software skills can produce: This is the last thing you want to be worrying about when trying to organize your days and be productive.

That is the reason why PrintStick offers a series of videos that will take you from step 1 in the process.

You will get to explore a simple and easy to use digital planner (the PrintStick Planner) which has all the basics needed to plan out your days. Each video will thoroughly go over a specific skill, so you can advance at your own pace - Check out the playlist below:

1 - Intro to Digital Planning: What you need to know to get started

2 - Download, install and understand how the planner works

3 - Downloading and using digital planner covers

4 - Creating a digital sticker using the app Vectornator

5 - How to create a spread (Birthday tracker) in a digital planner; Using the yearly view

6 - How to modify existing tabs on a digital planner 

7 - Plan With Me: Creating a monthly layout in a digital planner

8 - Create a weekly layout with no stickers (Coming soon...)



If you'd like to learn more with PrintStick, check out these courses:

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