New BIG Release!!

**New BIG release!!**

There is a whole new planner collection coming to PrintStick! These planners will all come with dated monthly, weekly & daily spreads + several useful extra sections. You will get linked, customizable pages unique to each month + sections linked throughout the planner. 

The first release is the 'Pop' Planner, which is now available for you to download from the PLANNERS category in the PrintStick Library. (Already a member? Find the planner here).

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For this one, I was looking to do something quite different from all other planners in terms of design, so the colors and style are very unique. I also wanted to have as much planning space per page as possible, so you will find uncluttered monthly and weekly spreads, as well as a detailed daily overview for each day of the year.

Navigation is very straightforward with this planner: Tap on the name of the months at the top to navigate the monthlies, then tap on each date to open the daily spreads, or go to a weekly by tapping on the top left corner of the beginning of the week in the monthly. 

This planner is still a work in progress, the sections on the right are still blank, and if you have any ideas or suggestions for what you'd like to see there, now is the time to share them! 

There are more planner designs with this same format coming soon, as well as matching stickers and other useful elements, so stay tuned!


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